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The KCT CSR Team undertakes the following two types of projects: Initiated and Supported

Initiated Projects

These are projects initiated by the KCT Group Trust and are implemented by the CSR Team or in conjunction with partnering organisations.

KCT Group Trust alone cannot manage all social initiatives. For maximum reach and technical support, the Trust partners with various NGOs, CBOs, other Trusts, other Companies or any bilateral and multilateral organisation who have mutual programs and stakeholders. The KCT CSR team follows a thorough process to verify the credentials, credibility and objectives of the organisation before partnering with them. KCT Group Trust works very closely with its partners to ensure that each program achieves the goals which have been set. The Trust is not a funding agency and does not disburse the same.

For projects that are initiated, the KCT CSR team follows a stringent process at every stage of the project, elaborated below.



  • Community meetings and interactions are organized, and a need assessment applying PLA tools is conducted with the stakeholders to understand the exact needs of the community and to identify areas that require development


Project Design & Implementation

  • Based on this, a project is developed by the Trust with measureable objectives, budget and timelines
  • Approval by CSR Committee
  • An implentating partner is identified if necessary



  • Period monitoring and physical verification of the project progress by the CSR Team
  • Due diligence is conducted by a third party assessor to ensure fair reporting in CSR implementation and progress
  • Community meetings are held to discuss feedback

Based on this process, KCT GROUP CSR has selected the following priorities:

Skill development training | Arts & culture sustainability | Healthcare and sanitation

Supported Projects

The KCT Group has been supporting various NGOs and social organisations for many years, even prior to the CSR mandate. Apart from financial assistance, we source strategic alliances with other NGOs, Foundations and other organisations who can partner our cause.