Equal Opportunity For All


CSR Vision

People drive progress and given the right opportunity, have the power to change the world. We uphold communities who strive to rise above their situation to contribute to growth, both at an individual and societal level.

KCT Group CSR aims to build stronger, sustainable and self-reliant communities by enabling them with opportunity, education and access to healthcare. Our aim is to create far-reaching economic, environmental and societal value that exceeds stakeholder expectations.

We aim to achieve this through focusing on these four key areas mentioned in Schedule VII, Section 135 of the Companies Act:

  • Promoting education & Skill development training
  • Sustaining arts & culture
  • Providing health care services and sanitation
  • Enviromental protection

We constantly seek innovative solutions which will create empathy and equity for the communities we work in.

These are the overaching principles that guide the CSR policiy of each Group Company.

CSR Budget

The amount allocated for CSR activities will be calculated in accordance with the provisions of the Act and Rules. The KCT Group will spend 2% of the average net profits of all Group Companies combined in every financial year. Any surplus arising out of CSR projects will not form part of the business profit of the Company.

KCT Group Trust

KCT Group Trust (KCTGT) was registered on February 19, 2016 and comprises of the following four Group Companies:

  • KCT CS
  • Indian City Properties Ltd
  • Towerbase Ltd
  • The Waterbase Ltd

Each company contributes 2% of its average net profits to KCTGT anually, which is utilised to implement the CSR initiatives of the KCT Group. KCTCT received both 80G and 12A certificates within six months of it’s inception.

CSR Committee

Each groupmany has it’s own CSR Committee, which includes three or more Directors, of which one is an independent Director.

The Committee’s responsibilities include:

  • Formulating the CSR Policy in compliance with Section 135 of the Companies Act.
  • Defining the annual CSR spend of the company, creating a budget and monitoring how it is spent.
  • Identifying projects and initiatives to be undertaken as per Schedule 7 in compliance with the CSR Policy.
  • Monitoring the activities and submitting periodic progress reports to the Board.

CSR Team

Nitasha Thapar

Head-CSR, KCT Group

Nitasha joined the CSR Team in 2014, and is responsible for working with the CSR Committee of each group company to create the CSR policy and then identify, implement, monitor and evaluate projects.

Nitasha has a B.A. in International Relations from Tufts University, and an Associate of Applied Sciences from Parsons School of Design. She cofounded Infonauts, a visual communications studio in 2009. Infonauts clients include Oxfam, WHO, Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review.

Nitasha is passionate about education and girl child welfare. Nitasha and her team have started the Kashvi Learning Centres for highschool drop out girls, and established Scholarships and Research Awards with leading educational Institutions.

Shomasree Dey

DGM – CSR, KCT Group

Shomasree is responsible for a wide range of activities which include Policy Development, Research, Ideation, Planning and Implementation, Reporting and Compliance, Funding requests, Liaising/Coordination and Relationship Building.

A Post Graduate in Hospitals and Healthcare Management from IISWBM, Kolkata, she has over fifteen years of experience in the field of development with a focus on public health. She has been instrumental in developing and implementing projects promoting education, environmental sustainability and the empowerment of women.

Shomasree has been awarded scholarships to attend:

  • Management Development Program on Social Development, S P Jain Institute, Mumbai – 2012
  • Program Development, IIM-Ahmedabad – 2008
  • Behaviour Change Communication for Reproductive Health of Adolescents, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Science – 2005

Hilda Macwan

Sr. Manager – CSR, KCT Group

Hilda assists the CSR Team in all activities, and oversees the functions of the Inder Mohan Thapar Trust Foundation (IMTF) as well as communications for the CSR department.

Hilda has over 10 years of experience in the field of Marketing and Communications. She has completed her Bachelors in English Literature and Psychology and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Events and Public Relations.

CSR Projects Team

Mr. Radha Krishna Botta

Sr. Executive

Radha Krishna has over seven years of field experience, and is responsible for all administrative aspects of the CDC-LLR. He also interacts extensively with the local community and stakeholders to understand their needs, and to identify areas of development that require investment and/or intervention. The CSR team creates social and community development initiatives based on these requirements.

Radha has a degree in Master of Social Work (MSW) and is currently pursuing his PhD from Vikramasimhapuri University.

Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed. S


Ashfaq has over six years of experience in various specialized specialized fields of biochemistry and molecular biology including microbiological, immunological and gel electrophoresis techniques. He joined the CDC-LLR as an Executive Biochemist and is in charge ofthe CDC-LLR Laboratory and all it’s functions.

He has completed his Master of Science in Biotechnology (MSC- BT) and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Fermentation Technology (PGDFT). Ashfaq also has a Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) inMedical Coding,.


Lab Chemist

Murali had woked for over four years in various specialized Laboratories before joining the CDC-LLR as a Lab Chemist. He has a M.Sc in Organic chemistry.

Mr. P. Kiran Kumar

Field Officer

Kiran assists with all activities of the CDC-LLR, and is primarilyresponsible for organizing meetings and interaction with the local community.

Kiran has a MBA (Finance & Marketing) and worked in finance before joining the CDC-LLR.

Project Identification and Implementation

KCT Group CSR follows a stringent process to verify the credentials, credibility and objectives of the organisation before partnering with a project.

Due diligence will be conducted by a 3rd party assessor, who ensure fair reporting in CSR implementation and progress.

Programs managed by the Trust Directly

  • First, a need assessment applying PLA tools will be conducted with the stakeholders to understand the exact need of the community.
  • Based on this, a project will be developed by the Trust and implemented.
  • The assessor will conduct an annual study and provide KCT with the progress report on scalability program, sustainability and financial management of the Trust.

In the initial phase, each and every project is strictly monitored every month by the CSR Committee. After the first year, the programs will be reviewed every 6 months. The main purpose is to measure the impact of the project implementation and to overcome teething problems. This stringent monitoring ensures that corrective measures are taken at nascent stage and each project achieves its goal.

Records and data will be maintained for each program and the CSR Committee will conduct quarterly meetings and submit the progress report to the Board in every meeting. Data and records will be maintained both in the CDC and in the software system for universal access. Bio- tactician will be recruited for the centre to provide regular reports from the facility.

Records and registers will be maintained in the location for physical verification and the local team will submit a monthly report to the CSR Committee. Target versus achievement will be measured to ensure that the project is on the right track.

CSR Committee will organise a random audit with the local team and consolidate the report, which will be sent to the Managing Trustee.

Partnership with other Organisation

It is clearly understood by the Managing Trustee that all social initiatives cannot be managed by KCT Group Trust alone. For maximum reach and technical support, the Trust may partner with various NGOs, CBOs, Other Trusts, Other Companies or any bilateral and multilateral organisation who have mutual programs and stakeholders. KCT Group Trust will work very closely with its partners to ensure that each program achieves the goal which has been set.

An MOU will be drawn with the partners to ensure that the projects follow timeline and budget whilst simultaneously achieving targets.

All records and reports will be present in the Organisation Annual Report and Website.

Chairman’s Message

For meaningful development to take place, we need strong, sustainable communities. Our goal is to help build a modern and prosperous society and to achieve this, we work towards generating job opportunities, aiding individuals with financial constraints and designing programs aimed at education and up-skilling.

This enables us to exceed stakeholder expectations while making a real, tangible and positive impact on people’s lives.

Creating opportunities for people to make a difference is, eventually, what makes the difference.

Vikram M. Thapar